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First of all, welcome to our website. We are proudly working on this Marathi website. We want to know that we are not one person. We will talk more about this later but first let's learn about the creation of this website.
Proudly Marathi started in April 2020. The website initially has history, wanderlust, culture, cuisine and literature so soon the rest of the area will be here as well. The sole purpose of creating a website is to provide complete and truthful information in Marathi not only to Maharashtra but to the entire Marathi readership.

Briefly about us-

Sonar Vaishnavi, Akole

I am a founding member of "Garwane Marathi" website. I am from heaven in Maharashtra .... Aho from Akole taluka of Nagar district! Beautiful mountain peaks, different cultures, tourist destinations and pleasing wind of Sahy-Satpuda ...
I write here on the subject of cuisine and culture. My goal is to enjoy cooking and share it with others. Maharashtra said that Puranpoli comes in front of everyone and I will continue to give detailed information on how to make all the dishes in the diverse country of India.
Being from Akola, different castes and tribes have been closely observed, their public life, festivals, traditions, etc. Understood. Variety of these I am trying to bring to you through this website.
(We are giving women the same status and honor as men and are giving place to the first female writer)

Mhaske Nikhil, Shirdi

I am a founding member of "Garwane Marathi" website. I do all the technical work of the website. I love history and wandering, so I write here on these two topics. As the history books fascinate me, I also give some feedback from the generations. I will also post the topic of technology on the website in due course. Mistakes can be made in the subject of history and please point out those mistakes by commenting.
There is a terrible love of wandering around the fort. So we got to know his history and now he is bringing it to us through this medium. Ahmednagar district is my district in all sections, which means there are historical places, famous tourist sites, temples, and a lot to visit. If wandering is in the blood then what a surprise!

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